WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
15000 Puff
24 Unique Flavors
Brand New
Pre-Cut Tobacoo
2000 Puff
15 Unique Flavors
1000 Puff
10 Delicious Flavors

5000 Puff

Brand New
Leaf Wraps

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Welcome to Death Row Vapes, where rebellion meets refinement.

Founded by the legendary duo, Snoop Dogg and Harry O Harris, co-founders of the iconic Death Row Records, we don't just offer products; we define an era. Our vapes, baring the unmistakable Death Row insignia, deliver unrivaled quality and flavor. From the 1000 Puff to the 15,000 Puff line, we redefine nicotine satisfaction. Dive into the Death Row Leaf, boasting up to 20 premium tobacco flavors..

Welcome to Death Row Vapes, where rebellion meets refinement.

Death Row high puff count vapes are designed for those who demand more from every draw—more flavor, more clouds, and more satisfaction. Whether it's a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, Death Row delivers a bold new world of vapor, where limits are shattered, and boundaries are pushed.

Product Collection

15,000 Puff

Introducing our exquisite line of Vape 15,000 Puff devices, where luxury meets performance for the ultimate vaping experience. With a sleek design and superior craftsmanship, our devices boast a 700mAh rechargeable battery and a generous 12ml of premium e-liquid, ensuring extended and uninterrupted enjoyment.

7000 Puff

Introducing the Death Row Vapes 7000 Puff. With a robust 700mAh rechargeable battery and a generous 12ml of premium e-liquid, this device is designed for extended, uninterrupted enjoyment. The Mesh Coil technology, boasting a 1.15Ω resistance, ensures a smooth and flavorful draw with every puff.

5000 Puff

With a diverse range of flavor options, including apple watermelon, blue razz, mango grape, mint, lush ice, tobacco, cola, mango peach watermelon, and strawberry banana, this selection caters to various preferences. Find your perfect flavor today and experience the intensity!

2000 Puff

Meet the Death Row 2000P, a powerful vaporizer designed for long-lasting pleasure. With a generous capacity of 2000 puffs, this elegant and convenient disposable vape offers an enjoyable vaping experience and offers 15 different flavors. With Death Row 2000P, which is suitable for everyone

1000 Puff

Meet Death Row's Disposable Vape 1000-Puff, offering a selection of 10 flavors to suit everyone. With every aspiration, experience comfort and satisfaction in a compact package. Whether you're craving fruity sweetness, refreshing menthol or rich dessert flavors, Death Row's range ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy. Elevate your vaping experience with Death Row's Vape 1000-Puff Disposable Vape and explore a world of diverse flavors in every draw.


Introducing the Death Row Leaf line. Take your experience to the next level with the ease of use of our premium washed and cut natural tobacco. Give it a try and discover the unmatched depth of 13 Unique flavors in every draw.

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